oliviafic: (marauders map//behindblue_eyes)
Olivia ([personal profile] oliviafic) wrote2006-07-01 10:08 pm


HP; Remus/Sirius
152 words; G

Notes: Prompt: warm stone. [livejournal.com profile] dogdaysofsummer Day 1.

He is curled like a lizard on the sidewalk; nearly naked, his skin drinks in the sun, trapping light in dark lines.

Remus, barefoot on the scorching cement, curls his toes and rocks back on his heels. His summer calluses are weak, still, after a month of rain. "Sirius."

"Mmmmm." It isn’t a question.

"Aren’t you hot?"

Remus’s mother has made a pitcher of icy lemonade. There are sandwiches with watercress, and popsicles in the freezer. The house is charmed to stay cool, better than air conditioning. The living room, where Remus was reading, is quiet and dark.

"No." Sirius stretches fluidly on the cement. "Stay."

This is the first hot day. Remus can feel his skin reddening under the sun; even in the shade the plants are wilting. He sits on the sidewalk, legs against Sirius’s heated skin, and waits while Sirius curls closer.

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