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Pyroclastics (SV, Clark/Lex)

Clark/Lex; Adult

Notes: This was written partly for [livejournal.com profile] thamiris's Porn-o-Thon and partly for the ongoing Geologyfic party in my head. It is also weird and rifty and may not actually make a lot of sense.

Pyroclastics, n. The hot fragments of rock and magma emitted during an explosive volcanic eruption. Lit. “broken fire”.

When Lex fucks him, Clark thinks of volcanoes.

It’s an easy analogy, a simple equation of phallic objects. It would have been funny when he was sixteen, and he might have embarrassed himself by laughing at the most inappropriate moments.

He’s older now, and what was funny then has begun to frighten him.

“Clark,” Lex murmurs, deadly soft against the back of his neck, and Clark answers him, lifts back and up into dry, burning hands.

Lex’s dips one finger inside him, then another, and twists until Clark is shaking, shivering beneath him. Fingernails on his spine and hands on his ass and Clark can’t focus on anything but heat and touch and the uncomfortable tightness in the pit of his stomach.

They should stop before their eruptions destroy cities.

“Now,” Clark grates out against the sheets and Lex is suddenly buried inside him, one hand on the mattress and the other wrapped around Clark’s cock. Clark gasps and arches and Lex thrusts, fucks him hard and fast and explosive. He’s used to the feeling, now, loves the passion and hates the fury. This should be gentle make-up sex, but they’re past that.

He can feel orgasm bubbling like magma before he comes, Lex a stream of fire on his heels. Finished, they collapse together into sticky sheets and wait out the aftershocks.

“I don’t—“ Clark says finally, his voice rough and battered, “I don’t want this.”

Lex is bone-white against the aubergine sheets. “You chose it.”

“It’s too destructive.”

Lex shrugs languidly, “You’re invulnerable, Clark.”

Clark runs fingers through his damp hair. “Not to me. It’s the fallout I’m worried about.”

“Yours or mine?” Lex is surprisingly bitter.

“I can’t—There are other—“ He doesn’t know how to say it.


“No.” It could be about Lois, but it’s more than that. “It’s too dangerous to double-cross the world, Lex.”

Lex laughs, and doesn’t stop laughing until Clark is standing and pulling on the suit. “You’d rather things were easier.”

“Wouldn’t you?”


There’s nothing Clark can say to that but “Goodbye, Lex.”

“The fallout is worse this way,” Lex says, and smiles as Clark steps off the balcony into the night.

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